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We are a trusted partner on commercial projects – big and small. Our team is trained to provide the highest quality work, on time, always.

Finishing Works

Taping and jointing involves covering and reinforcing the seams between sheets of plasterboard on a wall or ceiling.

Unique’s skilful contractors and quality control proceses ensures consistent quality to prevent cracks, poor alignment and overall low quality end-results.

Innovative Solutions

Offering unique solutions, that not only solve complex problems but do so in a simple and cost effective way.

During our combined 50 years experience delivering projects across the UK for exclusive clients we have gained considerable foresight and knowledge on how to overcome cumbersome challenges, without lowering the quality or finish of the end result.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection (PFP) is one of three forms of structural fire protection, along with active fire protection and fire prevention. PFP aims to contain and delay the spread of fires through firecompartmentation.

Our extensive knowledge backed up by industry certifications ensures you comply with the latest regulations and enables you to better manage fire risks.

Suspended Metal Ceilings

Suspended metal ceilings offer unlimited opportunities to create fantastic designs for any room within a building. From ergonomics to practicalities we can support your requirements by providing a wide range of material textures, styles and colours. This method is cost effective, fast and flexible and works extremely well in a commercial environment.

Metal Stud Partitioning

Metal stud partitions comprise of a lightweight metal stud framework which is then clad with plasterboard. This creates a non-loadbearing wall system, which can offer significant savings in structural design compared to that of traditional masonry alternatives.

Want to find out how it can work for you?

Acoustic Solution

Acoustics are essential – if the acoustics in your building aren’t right, then it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Our services include soundproofing for walls, flooring and ceilings. These are designed to deflect, reflect and absorb sound, or reduce impact or airborne sound.

From design to installation we can help you create the perfect experience.

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