Is Your Home Ready for Permanent WFH?

According to the Office for National Statistics, in June 2020, 49% of people in employment did some work at home with more than half of people living in London (57.2%) did some work at home.

With the pandemic turning into a long haul working from home or some hybrid home/ commercial office arrangement is likely to become the norm in the long term.

Bye, Bye Coffee Table!

The kitchen table and the coffee table have been great hosts in the early days but to be able to sustain back to back zoom meetings, an increase in working hours, and overcome the challenges of working with a family around you, our home spaces need adjusting.

Professionalising WFH

Cast your mind back to that important call/ meeting when hearing everything the other person said was paramount but because at their end (in another room!) dogs were barking, kids were laughing and there was a lot of room echo (reverberations) you missed most of it? (and you did have your headphones on..)

With targets to hit and pressure mounting some calls need to take priority without the interferences.

Space & Noise Issues

Many people live in small apartments where the choice of workspace boils down to the tiny spare bedroom (if you are lucky) or the kitchen table.

More homes than ever are open plan and full of reverberating, reflecting surfaces and materials (laminates, glass, marble, metal, etc.), the acoustic energy generated in the room is echoed.

This results in an increased noise level and dispersed acoustics, which impair the ability to concentrate, harm productivity levels and overall sense of wellbeing.

Working from home will continue – having the right space to do it in is as important (if not more) than the technology you are using.

An area in the house that is noise-free, has enough light, the right size chair and table is an absolute must if anyone is to achieve the WFH dream.


At Unique Drylining we understand this.  We have already helped countless clients make their commercial premisses acoustically perfect and dozens of clients make their homes, work for WFH with modern acoustic solutions, made to measure desk solutions and garden offices.

From implementing ceiling rafts to minimise excess noise without taking up floor space or having to move walls to stylish gliding panels, sound-absorbing plaster, curtains and blinds, we can help you find the solution that works for you.

Sure, a garden office would be ideal, but if space is not available, don’t let that stop you. Turn that spare bedroom or sitting room into a hybrid space that can be both a work area and functional family room.

Family life does not need to be affected negatively because mum or dad are having yet another important call.

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